Education breaks the cycle of poverty. If you'd like to give a Langtang child the opportunity to attend school, please put your hand up.


From cheese making to knitting, sharing a skill could mean unlocking an income. If you have something to share, get in touch. 

Our operating costs are privately covered  and 100% of your donation goes directly to those in need.



By employing a local guide, participating in a cooking class, horse trek or cheese making workshop you are providing locals, previously  untouched by tourism, the opportunity to earn an income and the incentive to carry on their tradition and culture.  

Share a skill

Sponsor a child

Join a trek

Help rebuild homes and restore livelihoods.


Visit Langtang

Langtang is a "best of" Nepal wrapped into a moderate 6-8 day trek. But best of all are the people who are welcoming you into their valley and homes, who are among the most generous and spirited. You come to Langtang for it's wild peaks, fertile valleys and raging river, you return for it's people.  And for them, your visit gives them an income and a renewed hope that their beautiful home may once again thrive.