In April 2015 an earthquake triggered an avalanche in the Langtang Valley, destroying the homes and livelihoods of the remaining 200 villagers. displaced, they sought refuge at a monastery in Kathmandu. This is our response.

As an immediate response to the earthquake, we created “RAISE A VILLAGE” a fundraising relief project that raised emergency funds for the provision of shelter, food and clothing. Money raised was also directed towards the Langtang Disaster Relief Fund which used these funds to create a kitchen, bathrooms and toilets for the displaced people in their temporary camp in Kathmandu.  

FIHP identified seven vulnerable farming families to provide ongoig relief, securing rented accommodation in Kathmandu as well as procuring household supplies and providing ongoing support until resettlement.

FIHP has worked with Marshyangdi Boarding School to find sponsors for 7 at risk children  – ensuring all remaining children from the valley were educated, clothed and fed.

FIHP embarked on its first skill exchange program. Chris Reade, a 77 year old cheesemaker from Scotland travelled to Nepal to teach yak farmers how to make cheese.

Fihp provided training and equipment to help farming families re-establish their livelihoods, including cooking, guide and porter training and the provision of butter making equipment and craft supplies – also helping farmers to rebuild their yak herds.

In summer 2015 and 2016 FIHP created a pop-up restaurant at Isle of Mull Cheese in Scotland with 100% of funds going towards our projects in Nepal.

In 2016 we launched “Making Friends” – handicrafts made by our friends in Nepal were sold with 100% of the sale price returning to the maker.

October 2016 FIHP provided funds, supplies and transportation to help farming families resettle with the ultimate goal to help them rebuild their homes.

A website called Local Treks Nepal and later Langtang Locals was created to promote trekking in the region, to employ local guides and porters and create new opportunities with cooking classes and homestays.

In December 2016, our first group of 10 trekkers visited the Langtang Valley, with guide and porter services provided by local villages trained by the FIHP project.



In 2017 we are launching our most exciting project yet. We will be working alongside UK Farmhouse cheesemakers to raise money to rebuild yak huts and farmers homes. In Autumn we will be leading a trek into the valley to see the results and join the farmers in their new homes.